Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now where were we again....

So we haven't posted for a long time, but its not because nothing has been going on! Quite the contrary, my dear friends. We had an awesome Christmas, where we got to hang out with friends and family. Chris's dad got married, so we flew back to West by God Virginia the day after Christmas (we actually spent all of Christmas night in the Salt Lake Airport thanks to a snow storm). But it was a very unique wedding, and it was awesome to see everyone back home.

As soon as we got back to Salt Lake, we packed up, and thanks to the help of Dan Dan the Lawn Mower/Mover Man Westermeyer, moved to Las Cruces to crash with Hanna's family for a couple months. So we went from 7 degrees to 70 degrees over night, and it is awesome!

Hanna just started working at a day care center this week. So far it is going pretty well. You know, kids falling asleep in their food and choking on chicken wings - the usual. But she feels optimistic that she can ride it out until we again pack up and move to our next destination.

Chris has been working as a waiter at a Mexican restaurant, Si Senior. Right now his Spanish is no bueno, and he hopes to get it to be asi asi by the time he leaves. Its not going well... He got into a couple of law schools, but is still waiting to hear from four more. We're excited and nervous.

All in all we're both excited to be where we are, and even more pumped to move on to our next adventure... Puppy, house, kids?????? Who knows.