Thursday, August 13, 2009

Around The World In 30 Days

So it has been a while, yet again. We are back in Salt Lake City now, and everything is going well. We moved into married student housing at the University of Utah on August 1st, and have succeeded in transforming our little cinder-block jail cell into a habitable home. Chris starts school next week, and Hanna is in the midst of a job search.

July was an amazing month. We kicked it off by first of all quitting our jobs, which we were both fed-up with. We then flew out to West Virginia to see family and friends for a week, which was an amazing time; it really reminded us of how much we love it back there. We got back and immediately packed up for a road trip up the coast of California. Starting in San Diego, we hit LA, San Francisco, the Redwoods, Portland, and Seattle, and a hundred other places in between. We got to see family and friends scattered throughout the trip, and are super grateful for the couches, spare bedrooms and great hospitality. Now that we’re settling back into a routine, we’re very glad we got to take that trip. Who knows when our next get away will be…
So far Utah has been a good time. We shoot down to Provo whenever tie and budgets allow and have gotten to spend some really great times with friends there. But we really do miss living with Hanna’s family in Las Cruces. There was always someone to talk to and something to do, and we will always be grateful to them for opening their house (and pantry) to us for seven months.
We would say that we'll update soon, but who are we fooling?