Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Afternoon At The Police Station

So something VERY interesting happened to us today, and we would love to share it with you. Hanna had to get fingerprinted for her job (shes helping a lady take care of 3 foster children), so we went to the Las Cruces Police Department to get it taken care of. Apparently in New Mexico you have to get fingerprinted for everything, even your license, so there was a pretty large crowd. Suddenly this guy came in and started asking for his 12 pack of beer and his pack of gum that the cops had taken from him. When he came into view, we noticed that his pants were sagging considerably, and his underwear had decided to go along for the ride, leaving his entire butt free to enjoy the warm desert air. After an officer figured out that the man had these items confiscated, and that he hadn't "confused the station with a store," he asked him to pull his pants up and then helped him call the Evidence department to talk to someone about his booze and gum. After a personalized second request to pull up his pants (this man was obviously a regular, although he was slightly upset that the officers new his name), a little assistance in doing so, and a conversation with the guys in Evidence, the man informed everyone in the room that he would have to wait for a half hour, which he proceeded to do.

Everything was going smoothly when another officer came out and asked if he had talked to the people in evidence, because they hadn't received a phone call. We're still trying to figure out who he was talking to. So an officer dialed the number for him and we were privileged to hear yet another phone conversation. The man explained to the officers that he had meant to come yesterday to pick up his paraphernalia, but was "hit by an airplane" and then corrected himself, stating that he was actually "hit by a car, which broke his leg." He let out a couple chuckles, and had a seat, patiently waiting. We were all finished by this point, and wish we could tell you the conclusion, but can only hope that the man and his 12 pack were happily reunited.

...I guess you had to be there. But it was real funny.

PS. We're going to try to do better about writing on this on a regular basis.