Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We escaped Salt Lake for a couple weeks to spend Christmas with Hanna's family in New Mexico. Hanna's work ended well, and she has thoroughly enjoyed the time she has gotten to spend with her family so far. Chris's semester is over. We'll see in mid January if it went well... Before we left Hanna made this sock monkey for baby Lewis, which was super cute.

We went on a hike with Sarah, Phil up this mountain. Since Phil was leading the hike, there wasn't actually a trail. So we climbed straight up rocks through cacti and bushes. The view was awesome.

This house had a million Christmas lights. Obviously, Sarah was very shocked by it.

Leah with baby Lewis. He normally is pretty happy....


We built gingerbread houses, and "we" means Hanna. Chris just ate the M&M's and watched the Utah game.

And it snowed, which was pretty nuts since it's New Mexico. But it was way cool and we made this rad snowman. And that's Dad's arm in the corner. He was sweeping, big surprise...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Babies Football and the American Dream

So we're an aunt and uncle again! Second time in a week!! Jared and Coty had their fourth (and last?) kid on October 30th, Adeline Olive. She was 11 pounds. She takes after her aunt Hanna... and everything is small on her except for her ultra chubby cheeks. We can't to see her, as well as our new nephew Lewis.

Halloween was a blast this year. We dressed up like Kiss and went to Provo. I think people thought we were Satan... The trick-or-treaters' moms all wanted to take pictures of us. But other parents wouldn't let their kids come to the door... Good times. Tyler didn't have a costume so as punishment we made him be the cat. No one wants to be Peter Criss, not even Peter Criss.

Hanna agreed to go to a Utah game, which actually was a lot of fun. We went with one of Chris's law school nerd friends Spencer and his wife Katy, they're way cool. We look stupid in this picture because we were eating nuts. Not really sure how it happened.... So Utah won, which was nice.

Hanna has been working so hard on this baby blanket for baby Lewie over the last three months. It turned out to be a lot bigger than she planned. Maybe he can carry it around till he's twelve like that dirty kid from Peanuts. It was the first blanket she made, and while it turned out well, she's probably going to be buying all future ones...

Life is going well. Just the same old same old. We're really looking forward to having a couple days off for Thanksgiving, and even more so looking forward for Christmas break. December 18th can't come soon enough. We're going down to New Mexico to hang out with Hanna's family. Good times. We'll actually be able to eat for the first time in five months.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


hat a month. We both turned 24 and therefore are now in bed by 9:30 every night. Leah just had a baby and Coty is going to have hers Friday. So we have a new nephew and will be getting a new niece in just a few hours. But most importantly, Chris has discovered FailBlog and now has one more thing to distract him from studying.

We went to Justin and Amanda's to carve pumpkins.
As you can see, Tyler's pumpkin was rotten. After taking this picture we realized it was also filled with maggots and spent the next five minutes crushing them.

And the finished products. We tried to do the Death Star, but Chris screwed it up. Luckily Nathan was able to do it some justice.

Oh yeah, and it snowed the other day. Like all day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Has Sprung!

In celebration of the first day of the best season, we decided to have a Fall feast. This was especially cool since there isn't really a Fall here in Utah. Well there kind of is, but its nothing like a good old West Virginia Fall. So Hanna made this Gypsy Soup, which totally looked and tasted like Fall and a pumpkin pie to help us store up fat for the long winter that awaits us.

Aside from eating good food, everything else is going well with us too. Hanna is working at a preschool at the U, and is enjoying it for the most part, except for when she has to change diapers and is thanked profusely by the kid the whole time for "changing my stinky diaper." Chris's school is going well. He spends almost all day staring at a screen or a book and can feel his 20/20 vision slowly depreciating.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Around The World In 30 Days

So it has been a while, yet again. We are back in Salt Lake City now, and everything is going well. We moved into married student housing at the University of Utah on August 1st, and have succeeded in transforming our little cinder-block jail cell into a habitable home. Chris starts school next week, and Hanna is in the midst of a job search.

July was an amazing month. We kicked it off by first of all quitting our jobs, which we were both fed-up with. We then flew out to West Virginia to see family and friends for a week, which was an amazing time; it really reminded us of how much we love it back there. We got back and immediately packed up for a road trip up the coast of California. Starting in San Diego, we hit LA, San Francisco, the Redwoods, Portland, and Seattle, and a hundred other places in between. We got to see family and friends scattered throughout the trip, and are super grateful for the couches, spare bedrooms and great hospitality. Now that we’re settling back into a routine, we’re very glad we got to take that trip. Who knows when our next get away will be…
So far Utah has been a good time. We shoot down to Provo whenever tie and budgets allow and have gotten to spend some really great times with friends there. But we really do miss living with Hanna’s family in Las Cruces. There was always someone to talk to and something to do, and we will always be grateful to them for opening their house (and pantry) to us for seven months.
We would say that we'll update soon, but who are we fooling?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Afternoon At The Police Station

So something VERY interesting happened to us today, and we would love to share it with you. Hanna had to get fingerprinted for her job (shes helping a lady take care of 3 foster children), so we went to the Las Cruces Police Department to get it taken care of. Apparently in New Mexico you have to get fingerprinted for everything, even your license, so there was a pretty large crowd. Suddenly this guy came in and started asking for his 12 pack of beer and his pack of gum that the cops had taken from him. When he came into view, we noticed that his pants were sagging considerably, and his underwear had decided to go along for the ride, leaving his entire butt free to enjoy the warm desert air. After an officer figured out that the man had these items confiscated, and that he hadn't "confused the station with a store," he asked him to pull his pants up and then helped him call the Evidence department to talk to someone about his booze and gum. After a personalized second request to pull up his pants (this man was obviously a regular, although he was slightly upset that the officers new his name), a little assistance in doing so, and a conversation with the guys in Evidence, the man informed everyone in the room that he would have to wait for a half hour, which he proceeded to do.

Everything was going smoothly when another officer came out and asked if he had talked to the people in evidence, because they hadn't received a phone call. We're still trying to figure out who he was talking to. So an officer dialed the number for him and we were privileged to hear yet another phone conversation. The man explained to the officers that he had meant to come yesterday to pick up his paraphernalia, but was "hit by an airplane" and then corrected himself, stating that he was actually "hit by a car, which broke his leg." He let out a couple chuckles, and had a seat, patiently waiting. We were all finished by this point, and wish we could tell you the conclusion, but can only hope that the man and his 12 pack were happily reunited.

...I guess you had to be there. But it was real funny.

PS. We're going to try to do better about writing on this on a regular basis.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now where were we again....

So we haven't posted for a long time, but its not because nothing has been going on! Quite the contrary, my dear friends. We had an awesome Christmas, where we got to hang out with friends and family. Chris's dad got married, so we flew back to West by God Virginia the day after Christmas (we actually spent all of Christmas night in the Salt Lake Airport thanks to a snow storm). But it was a very unique wedding, and it was awesome to see everyone back home.

As soon as we got back to Salt Lake, we packed up, and thanks to the help of Dan Dan the Lawn Mower/Mover Man Westermeyer, moved to Las Cruces to crash with Hanna's family for a couple months. So we went from 7 degrees to 70 degrees over night, and it is awesome!

Hanna just started working at a day care center this week. So far it is going pretty well. You know, kids falling asleep in their food and choking on chicken wings - the usual. But she feels optimistic that she can ride it out until we again pack up and move to our next destination.

Chris has been working as a waiter at a Mexican restaurant, Si Senior. Right now his Spanish is no bueno, and he hopes to get it to be asi asi by the time he leaves. Its not going well... He got into a couple of law schools, but is still waiting to hear from four more. We're excited and nervous.

All in all we're both excited to be where we are, and even more pumped to move on to our next adventure... Puppy, house, kids?????? Who knows.