Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Has Sprung!

In celebration of the first day of the best season, we decided to have a Fall feast. This was especially cool since there isn't really a Fall here in Utah. Well there kind of is, but its nothing like a good old West Virginia Fall. So Hanna made this Gypsy Soup, which totally looked and tasted like Fall and a pumpkin pie to help us store up fat for the long winter that awaits us.

Aside from eating good food, everything else is going well with us too. Hanna is working at a preschool at the U, and is enjoying it for the most part, except for when she has to change diapers and is thanked profusely by the kid the whole time for "changing my stinky diaper." Chris's school is going well. He spends almost all day staring at a screen or a book and can feel his 20/20 vision slowly depreciating.