Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Joys of Summer

So this summer has been full of adventures! Some good, some not so much. We left Utah in May to go on vacation with Hanna's family to the Outer Banks, which was awesome because the beach is our favorite place ever. We had a great time chillin with everyone and soaking up the sun. Hanna more than Chris, as you can see from the farmer's tan. Hanna went for a jog one morning with Leah and found this shark washed up on shore. It was really sad. No one believed her, so we had to get a posse to go check it out.
Hanna's Aunt really wanted to climb up this lighthouse but no one would go with her. Hanna finally volunteered, and as you can see she really loved the experience. But eventually she warmed up and got to check out the view.

One of the things we love the most about the beach is having a campfire right on the beach. So one night we planned a massive cookout for everyone. We all roasted hot dogs over the fire and then hunted for ghost crabs. It was a good time but still no one is as fearless in hunting crabs as Coty! Sammy and Leif caught a ton of them.

Grammy and Grandpa also planned a treasure hunt for the kids. They got some good booty out of it. We're pretty sure Sammy has a bright future in pillaging.
We're so thankful to Liz and Phil for setting this whole trip up. It was such a good time.
But most importantly from the beach trip, we were all reminded that Jared is always right!

After the beach we headed off to Charleston Wv for Chris's summer internship at Jackson Kelly. This is the luxurious condo we had waiting for us. That's what happens when you rent an apartment online without seeing it first. The guy said it was a "cute little place." And while we recognize that cute is a subjective term, I think this place definitely stretched the word's definition...

We moved into another place, which was about half a step better. It was infested with cockroaches and covered with cat pee. And the water was off and we couldn't get it on for the four days we lived there. But that hadn't stopped the previous tenant from using it anyway. So the whole place was pretty putrid. So then we moved again, and the one we have now is inhabitable. Then Hanna went to visit her family for about a month in New Mexico. She had a great time out there and was really happy to spend some time with her mom, dad, sisters, and mainly her little nephew Lewie.
When Hanna got back into town we went to Asheville NC to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Crazy! It was a cool place. Tons of good food. Way too much of it. Had the best pizza of our lives there, Mellow Mushroom. If you ever find one, drop whatever you're doing and eat there. And send us some too. We also got to see the city's firework show while we were chillin at the hotel's pool. It was really awesome, mainly cause there was no one else there.

We have used every chance we get to sneak away from Charleston to see family and friends and different parts of West Virginia. Hanna spent a week in Shepherdstown with some friends, and this weekend we went to Fayetville to check out the New River Gorge Bridge. It's crazy tall.

All in all its been a pretty good summer. We really hope that yours has been as well! Up next for us is a quick trip up to Boston to spend some time with Hanna's cousin Jeremy. Then it's back to Utah for us so Chris can finish school and Hanna can start hers at Aveda.


Jed said...

Oh are so lucky with that shark! It is sad...but i woulda grabbed some teeth while i was there if i were you. Also...i didnt know it was legal to rent out an apartment that crappy. When you said it was bad i thought you were exaggerating a little.

Coty said...

Ah, I loved the beach trip guys. I love all the pictures you got of my boys being so perfectly "them". I have a good one of the two of you on the night we had the cookout. I'll email it.
Happy Anniversary!!! ...from the looks of that apartment, ya'll are movin' up in the world...J on the Jones' I tell ya. Hanna, bless your heart. I woulda hoofed it too New Mexico, too!
How are you progressing on your running? I finally past the three mile threshold...oh the possibilites! Im thinking about running a 5k this fall (by the way, I'm so itchy for fall to just ge here already!) I may have to organize the run myself though, apparently people in PA are limited to sitting in their lawn chairs, beer in hand, watching the cars drive by. Boy, there are some real "Billies" out this way. ahem.

And this has turned into a reeally looong comment. whoops!

Love you guys!